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'Suspect: The Shooting of Jean Charles de Menezez' ITV

Sep - Dec / Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics Supervisor

'Julius Caesar: The Making of a Dictator' BBC Studios

Jun - Jul / Hair & Makeup Designer

'Budweiser Commercial' Womens World Cup

Jun / Hair & Makeup Artist / Makeup Designer: Natasha Lawes

'Scoop' Netflix Films - Pick up Shoot 

May / Main Team Makeup Artist  / Makeup Designer : Kirstin Chalmers 

'LOTR: Rings of Power' S2 Amazon Studios  

Apr / Makeup & Hair Daily Crowd 


'Beetlejuice 2' Warner Bros Studios 

Apr / Prosthetic Makeup Artist Daily 

'Damsel' Netflix Film 

Mar / Main Team Hair & Makeup Daily / HMUP Designer : Pippa Woods 

'Burnt out in Biscuit Land' So&So Pictures 

Mar / SFX Makeup Artist 

‘Here’ 20th Century Fox

Mar / Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist Daily / Crowd Supervisor : Lisa Chape  / Makeup & Hair Designer: Jenny Shircore 

'Scoop' Netflix Films 

Mar / Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist / Makeup Designer : Kirstin Chalmers 

'Andor' S2 - Lucas Films
Feb / Prosthetic Makeup Artist Daily

'The Winter King' ITV 
Feb / Senior Prosthetic Makeup Artist for RedGirl FX 

BBC Bitesize 
Feb / Hair & Makeup Artist 

‘Law Better’ Commercial

Jan / SFX Makeup Artist / Director: Clay Weiner / Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

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