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'Suspect: The Shooting of Jean Charles de Menezez' ITV

Sep - Dec / Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics Supervisor

'Julius Caesar: The Making of a Dictator' BBC Studios

Jun - Jul / Hair & Makeup Designer

'Budweiser Commercial' Womens World Cup

Jun / Hair & Makeup Artist / Makeup Designer: Natasha Lawes

'Scoop' Netflix Films - Pick up Shoot 

May / Main Team Makeup Artist  / Makeup Designer : Kirstin Chalmers 

'LOTR: Rings of Power' S2 Amazon Studios  

Apr / Makeup & Hair Daily Crowd 


'Beetlejuice 2' Warner Bros Studios 

Apr / Prosthetic Makeup Artist Daily 

'Damsel' Netflix Film 

Mar / Main Team Hair & Makeup Daily / HMUP Designer : Pippa Woods 

'Burnt out in Biscuit Land' So&So Pictures 

Mar / SFX Makeup Artist 

‘Here’ 20th Century Fox

Mar / Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist Daily / Crowd Supervisor : Lisa Chape  / Makeup & Hair Designer: Jenny Shircore 

'Scoop' Netflix Films 

Mar / Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist / Makeup Designer : Kirstin Chalmers 

'Andor' S2 - Lucas Films
Feb / Prosthetic Makeup Artist Daily

'The Winter King' ITV 
Feb / Senior Prosthetic Makeup Artist for RedGirl FX 

BBC Bitesize 
Feb / Hair & Makeup Artist 

‘Law Better’ Commercial

Jan / SFX Makeup Artist / Director: Clay Weiner / Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks 



'Doublebase' Commercial

Nov / Hair & Makeup Designer / Agile Productions

'Archie' ITV

Aug - Nov / Makeup & Hair Supervisor / Designer: Elizabeth Hedley 

'Enfield Haunting' - Met Films

Aug / Hair & Makeup Design Cover - (for Makeup Designer Fran Hounsom) / MetFilms 

'F*ck It Bucket' Netflix

Jun - Jul / Hair & Makeup Artist - Crowd / Designer: Lorraine Hil

'Liason' - Apple TV 

May - Jun / Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist / Makeup Designer: Jill Sweeney 


'Magic Mike Last Dance' - Warner Bros

May / Crowd Hair & Makeup Artist / Supervisor Sim Camps / Mammoth Productions

'Napoleon' Apple TV

Apr / Hair, Makeup & Prosthetics Stunt Dept / Supervisor Inma Azorin / Director Ridley Scott

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun' Netflix

Oct - Feb / Personal Makeup & Prosthetics - Mr Elba / ​Lively Productions


‘Luther: The Fallen Sun' Netflix

Oct - Feb / Personal Makeup & Prosthetics - Mr Elba / ​Lively Productions

'Bridgerton' Season 2 Netflix

Aug — Sep / Period Makeup Dailies / Makeup Designer Erika Okvist


‘Fight School’ Makeup for IE

Aug — Sep / Makeup Artist


'Audible' Commercial

Jul / Prosthetics Makeup Artist / Designer: Bev PJ


‘The Life & Times of Mary Whitehouse’ BBC 2

Jun / Makeup & Hair Designer  / Director : Hannah Berryman


'The Responder' BBC

Jan — Jun / Makeup, Hair & Prosthetics Supervisor. / Hair and Makeup Designer: Elizabeth Hedley



‘Close to Me’ Channel 4

Aug - Dec / Makeup & Hair Artist / Designer: Jojo Williams


‘Censor’ Censor Productions LTD & BFI

Jul / Makeup Designer (Pick ups) / Director: Prano Bailey Bond / Makeup Designer: Ruth Pease


'Mind the Gap' ALLWEARE A/W 2020 Campaign

Mar / Prosthetic Make-up Designer


'Hyundai' Commercial

Feb / Hair & Make-up Designer / Pitch Media Productions


Holby City Prosthetics

Feb / Make-up Artist Dailies / Prosthetic Designer: Megan Thomas


'Britains Got Talent' Promo

Feb / Hair & Make-up / Make-up & Hair Designer: Natasha Lawes


'Anemia' Atellas Promo

Feb / Hair & Make-up / Makeup & Hair Designer: Natasha Lawes


'Formula 1' Commercial

Jan / SFX Make-up Designer / Influence Sport Media Productions


'Burden of Victory' Commercial

Jan / Hair & Make-up Designer / Premier League Productions


London College of Fashion

Jan / Industry Guest Speaker


'Carnival Row' Season 2

Jan / Makeup FX Crowd Dailies / Supervisor : Ruth Orouke / Make-up FX Designer: Nick Dudman



'Cursed' Netflix

Jan — Nov / Prosthetic Make-up Supervisor / Designer: Erika Okvist


Baldcap Masterclass

Nov / Tutor for BA Hons Make-up & Prosthetics Students / Craven College


'The Bird Game' Feature Film

Aug / Director - Mariana Simnett / Hair, Make-up & Prosthetic Designer


'Compeed' Commercial

May / SFX/Prosthetic Make-up Artist / VCCP Agency / Make-up Designer: Elizabeth Hedley


SFX & Prosthetics Masterclass

Mar / Tutor / London College of Fashion Short Course


'Charles I last walk' Historic Royal Palaces

Feb / Commercial / 16th Century Hair & Make-up / Make-up & Hair Designer




Oct—Dec / 15th C Period Drama / Hair, Make-up & Prosthetics Supervisor

Designer: Erika Okvist


'Squarespace' Commercial

Dec / SFX Make-up Artist / Tattoo & Body Make-up Application


'Downton Abbey' Film

Oct / 1920’s Period Hair & Make-up Daily / Crowd Supervisor: Laura Blount

Make-up & Hair Designer: Spob O’Brien


'The Crown' S3 Netflix

Oct / 1960’s Period Hair & Make-up Daily / Crowd Supervisor: Fiona Rogers


Robert Masciave Hair Show

Oct / Prosthetics Make-up Artist  / Bald Cap and Wig Application


Hair, Make-up & Prosthetics Tutoring & Masterclasses

Oct / Craven College


'White Farm House' NPX Project

Oct / Period Hair & Makeup Dailies / Make-up Designer: Jill Sweeney


'Watchmen' HBO UK Team

Sept- Oct / HBO TV Series / Mainteam Hair, Make-up & Prosthetics Supervisor

Designer: Erika Okvist


'The Rook' Starz

Apr—Sept / Mainteam Make-up & Prosthetics Artist  / Designer : Erika Okvist  / Supervisor: Jenny Rhodes-Mclean


'Gunpowder' - BBC

Aug / Period Hair & Make-up Junior / Make-up Designer: Jacqui Fowler


'Solo: A Star Wars Story' - Disney

Aug—Sep / Crowd Hair Junior Dailies / Supervisor: Andrew Simonin


'The Humm Collection'

Apr—Jun / Photographic/Film Collective / Hair, Make-up & Prosthetics Designer


'Blinded by the Light' Feature Film

Apr / Crowd Hair & Make-up Artist Dailies / Supervisor: Fiona Rogers / Make-up Designer: Jojo Willams


'Honky Tonk' Feature Film

Feb—Mar / Hair, Make-up & Prosthetics Designer / Director: David Luke Rees


'The Forgiving Earth' BBC Ghana Unit

Feb—Mar / Hair & Make-up Artist Main Team / Designer: Erika Okvist


Black Eye Portrait

Feb / Edward Sutcliffe Artist / SFX Make-up & Prosthetics Artist


'Hamilton' Musical, West End

Jan / Wig Room Work Experience  / HOD Melissa Van Tongeren




Oct—Feb 2018 / Crowd Supervisor / Make-up Designer: Jojo Williams


'Bohemian Rapsody' Feature Film

Oct / Crowd Period Hair & Make-up Junior Dailies + Fittings / Crowd Supervisor: Renata Gilbert / Hair & Make-up Designer: Jan Sewel


'Forgiving Earth' BBC

Sept / SFX Make-up Artist Daily / Designer:- Erika Okvist


'Ghosts' Comedy Pilot

Sept / Period Hair, Makeup & Prosthetics Artist Designer:- Joe Hopker


'Kysplease' Music Video

Sept / SFX Make-up Designer


'Little Stranger' Feature Film

August / Period Hair & Make-up Junior Crowd Daily / Supervisor: Sam Denier / Designer: Sian Grigg


'Endeavor' ITV

August / Period Hair & Make-up Junior Crowd Daily  / Supervisor: Liz Phillips /

Designer: Irene Napier


'Johnny English 3' Feature Film

August / SFX Make-up Assistant to Rowan Atkinsons Make-up Artist Vicky Voller


'Gory Games' CBBC

August / Lion TV / Period Hair, Prosthetics and Make-up Artist  / Designer: Jenny Hammond


GQ China

August / 'Professors Photoshoot'  / October Editorial Edition / Prosthetics Make-up & Hair Designer


'3 Seconds'

August / Crowd Make-up/SFX Junior Daily / Make-up Designer: Niamh Morrison


'Overlord' Paramount Feature Film

August / 2nd Unit Make-up Team Daily / Make-up Designer: Naomi Donne / Crowd Supervisor: Sara Kramer


'Happy Birthday Loser' Short Feature

July—August / Make-up, Hair & Prosthetics Designer


Cosmopolitan Magazine 'Buzz Cut' Shoot

July / Bald Cap & SFX Make-up Artist


'Yardie' Feature Film

May-—July / Afro and Period Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics Junior / Make-up Designer: JoJo Williams


AppleJack Productions 'Records Campaign'

May / Commercial / Period Wig, Hair and Makeup Designer


Festival of Wonders Guilford 'Mad Hatters Tea Party'

May / Immersive Theatre / Wigs, Hair and Make-up Designer


'Once Loved' Sky1 Pilot

April / Wigs, Hair and Make-up Artist' / Designer: Alex Volpe / Yally Productions


'Dealers Shoot' Arena Homme Plus

April / Prosthetics, Hair and Make-up Designer / Mini Title Productions


'The Handmaiden' Secret Cinema

April / Wigs, Hair and Make-up Artist' / Designer: Jenny Rhodes


Guilford School of Acting MA Showcase

March / Make-up and Hair Supervisor & Wig Dresser


'Filthy Business' Hampstead Theatre

March / Period Hair Dresser/ Barber/ Supervisor


'Moulin Rouge' Secret Cinema

Feb—May / Wigs, Hair and Makeup Artist' / Designer: Jenny Rhodes



'Liar' ITV

Nov 16—- Feb 17 / Main Team Trainee / Make-up Designer: Jojo Williams,

Supervisor: Sue Wyburgh


'Finish Dishwasher' Commercial

Dec / Prosthetics & SFX Assistant / Designer: Anna Thompson


'Belikeme promo' Commercial

Oct / AppleJack Creative Services/Parkdean Resort / Hair and Make-up Designer/Coordinater


'Horrible Histories S7' CBBC

Sept—Nov / Hair, Make-up and Prosthetics Junior / Designer: Vicky Voller


'Gotham Assemble' Photoshoot/Live Show

Sept / AppleJack Creative Services/ ParkDean Resorts / Hair, Make-up and Prosthetic Designer


'Vampire Ball' Private Event

Sept / Period Hair, Make-up and Prosthetics Designer


'Vida' Lifestyle Advert

Aug / Make-up & Hair Designer



Aug / Fringe Cut & Hair Styling for JinJoo Lee


'The Commuter' Pinewood Studios Production

July—Aug / Crowd Make-up Trainee / Designer: Noriko Watanabe


'Dark River' Feature Film

July—Aug / Make-up & Prosthetics Trainee / Designer: Sue Wyburgh


'The Royals' S3 E!

July / Crowd Hair and Make-up Trainee Daily / Supervisor: Jeanette Brown /

Designer: Marie Deehan


'Harlots' S1 ITV

July / Crowd Hair and Make-up Trainee Daily / Supervisor: Jane Maier /

Designer: Jacquetta Levon


'Murder Maps' Yesterday Channel

July / Period Hair and Make-up Artist


'Bates of the Amazon' IMAX Pinewood Studios Production

June—July / Period Makeup, Prosthetics and Hair Artist UK Unit /

Designer :Erika Okvist


'Taboo' — BBC 1 / Hardy & Knight Productions

March-—June / Make-up & Prosthetics Trainee / Make-up & Prosthetics Designer: Erika Okvist / Hair Designer: Jan Archibald


'28 Days Later' Secret Cinema

March— May / SFX Make-up Artist / Make-up Designer: Jenny Rhodes


'Sepsis' Nuffield Health Advert

March / Hair & Make-up Artist / Sweet Pixel Productions


'Colours of Summer' Teaser

March / Make-up Assistant / Director: Jenny Rhodes / Make-up Designer: Jenny Rhodes


'Fortitude' Season 2

Feb / Make-up Standby Daily / Tigre Aspect / Make-up Designer: Kate Benton


'Taboo' — BBC 1 / Hardy & Knight Productions

Jan—Feb / Crowd Trainee Dailies / Supervisor Rachel Buxton / Designer Erika Okvist


'Pride & Prejudice Zombies' - Premiere @ Leicester Square

Feb / Prosthetics, Hair & Make-up Artist / Designer Fai Burnett


'Margie's Garden' Short Film

Feb / Council Child & Anderson Shelter Productions / Prosthetics Technician & SFX Make-up Artist / Director Ash Morris


Asda 'Home from Home' TV Advert

Feb / Saatchi & Saatchi / Hair & Make-up Assistant / Designer Anna Thompson


'Fitzroy - Everyone needs love' TV Advert

Jan / Unit 9 Productions / Hair & Make-up Artist


The Times Newspaper "Caitlin Moran - Spoof Shoot"

Jan / The Times Newspaper / Make-up Assistant / Designer Bernadian Long


'Frankies Drive & Dine' Advert

Jan / Park Resorts & Apple Jack Creative / Make-up, Hair, Wigs & Prosthetics Artist




Dec 15—Jan 16 / Crowd Trainee Dailies / Supervisor Moira Thompson / Designer Marese Langan


'The Sound of Music Live' ITV

Dec / Crowd Make-up Artist / Designer Jacquetta Levon


'Taboo' BBC

Nov / Crowd Trainee Work Experience / Supervisor Rachel Buxton / Designer Erika Okvist


'Bees Make Honey' Pinewood Studios Production

Nov—Dec 2015 / 1930s Hair &Make-up Crowd Dailies / Supervisor Daisy Lyddon


British Heart Foundation 'Wear it-Beat It' TV Advert

Nov / Spectrecom Productions/Make-up & Hair Artist


Kristyan Mallett Effects Studio

Oct—Nov / Prosthetics Trainee


The One Show 'Disguise Dog Make-up'

Oct / Prosthetics Assistant / Prosthetics Artist Mike For Kristyan Mallet Effects


Jarbird 'Such is the House' Music Video

Sept / Blink Productions/ Crowns & Owls / SFX Make-up & Prosthetics Artist


Pantene Collossus Bridal Hair Study Ad Campaign

Sept / Cherry Duck Productions / Hair & Make-up Assistant to Ligia Costa


GSA Theater / Musical Theatre Showcase 2015

Sept / Hair and Make-up Supervisor


Spectrecom Productions- 'London Met Advert' 2015

Aug / Spectrecom Productions / Make-up & Hair Designer


Bwark Productions — 'Drifters' S3

Aug /  Make-up & Hair Work Experience / Designer Niamh Morrison


'The Royals' S2

Aug / Makeup & Hair Junior Dailies  / Designer: Kate Benton


E4 'Young Free & Single' Advert

Jul / Make-up Assistant / Designer: Anna Thompson


Sainsburys Advert

Jul / Make-up Assistant  / Designer: Bernie Long


'Kill or Be Killed' Feature Film

Jul / SFX Make-up Artist


London Town

June—July / Make-up Designer Jacquetta Devon / Make-up Artist Dailies


Untitled Donald Crownhurst Project

May—June / H.O.D Renata Gilbert / Crowd Make-up Trainee Dailies


Secret Cinema

May / 3D Effects Work Experience / H.O.D Sophie Clayton


Yesterday Channel

May / Murder Maps / Wig & Make-up Assisant / H.O.D Sarah Lyon


Fiat Crossover Advert

Apr / Make-up Assisant / H.O.D Alexis Day


Alices Adventures Underground

Apr / Wig Trainee / Make-up Designer Jessica  Blackman, Supervisor Sarah Jane Lyon


Unit 9 Productions

Mar / TCTS ft Leo Kaylan Music Video / SFX Make-up and Prosthetics Artist


Bullion Productions

Feb / McBusted Tour Video / HOD Anna Thompson – Prosthetics Assistant


Brandon Sheer

Jan / Stop Motion 'Wait' Music Video / SFX Make-up Artist




Max Mallen Director

Dec / 'Ingosfell' TV Film / Make-up Artist for Viking Warriors


Teens Unite Charity Fundraiser – Globe Theatre

Nov / Make-up Assistant  / H.O.D Laura Tucker


Rory Rea Film-maker and Photographer

Nov / Portfolio shots for actress Antonia Clarke / Make-up and Hair


Simpkin & Roses Catering Company

Nov / 'Fundraising Dinner for Quorn Hunt' / Make-up Designer



Sep / 'Sekabo''Book Launch / SFX Make-up Artist


Lands End Clothing Photoshoot

Sep / Make-up Assistant / H.O.D Laura Tucker



Sep / By Jez Butterwoth / The White Bear Theatre / Period Hair Stylist


The End of Everything as You Knew It. A Guide. (2015)

Aug / Directed by Christian Neuman / Special Effects Make-up Artist


Look Good Feel Good Charity

Aug - present  / Make-up Artist



Aug / TV Series Sky Community / Liger Films  / SFX Make-up Artist


Tesco Mobile 'Cherry Helmet' 4G Advert

Aug / Make-up Trainee / H.O.D Bernadine Long – Make-up Supervisor Anna Thompson


Rich Hardcastle Photography

July / SFX Make-up Assistant / H.O.D. Bill Turpin


Knock Knock Productions

July / “Save the Children UK” / Make-up Artist


Mad Cow Productions

July / “Panasonic Web Ad” / Make-up Artist


Bullion Productions

June / “Grades” Music Video / Make-up Assistant / H.O.D Anna Thompson


Unit 9 Productions

Apr / 'Godzilla 'Web Advert / SFX Make-up Artist


Happy Entertainment LTD

Apr / '3 Dudes' Tour Screen Video / Make-up Artist


Bullion Productions

Mar / 'McBusted' Tour Screen Video / SFX Make-up Assistant / H.O.D Anna Thompson


Bullion Productions

Mar / Darque E Freaker Music Video Insert Shots / SFX Make-up Artist


Bullion Productions

Feb / "Bombay Bicycle Club Music Video" / Make-up and Prosthetics Assistant / HOD Anna Thompson


Clay Interactive & V&A Museum

Feb / ‘Letta’s Dream’ ‘Venetian  Exhibition’ Film / Make-up H.O.D


The Wig Store

Feb / Work Experience / Wig Trainee



Jan / Work Experience / Model/Assistant at SFX Masterclass



14–16 Jan / ‘Sochi Winter Olympics’ / Prop Painting and Finishing


The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre

Jan / 1 day Work Experience / HOD Sara Tyndall




Sir John Saone’s Museum

Nov / Gothic Ball Masquerade / Make-up Design Competition Winner


Cash and Rocket/UNICEF

Oct / UNICEF Halloween Ball / Make-up and Hair for Jodie Kidd


Infinite Space Theatre

Oct / ‘Macbeth’ / SFX Make-up Artist


World Media Rights

June / ‘The Making of Argo’ / Make-up Artist




The Old Vic

Dec / ‘Wimslow Boy’ / Wig Trainee / HOD Kimberly Dunbar


The National Theatre

Nov / Wig & Make-up Trainee / HOD Helen Casey


V&A Museum

Oct / Friday Late- Halloween Night / SFX Make-up Artist


S.O.P.H.I.E Lancaster Foundation

July / Charity Calendar Shoot / SFX Make-up and Prosthetics Artist


Yeadon Amateur Dramatics

May / ‘Sweet Charity’ / Make-up Artist


Northern Film School

Mar–Oct / ‘Billy and Billy’ ‘The Market’ ‘Short’ / Make-up Artist




Yeadon Amateur Dramatics

Nov / ‘Rent’ / Make-up Assistant / HOD Carol Bradley


Fear Masters

Oct / Horror Walk / SFX Make-up Artist


Film 4 Scene Stealers

July / ‘Dog Spotting’ / Make-up Artist


Eclipse Theatre

June / ‘BBC 10x10 Film Competition’ / Make-up Artist


Yeadon Amateur Dramatics

May / ‘Rent’ / Make-up Assistant / H.O.D Carol Bradley


Left Eye Blind Productions

Mar–Nov / ‘Some Velvet Morning’ Music Video, ‘Drink Aware’ Leeds University Short / SFX Make-up Artist


Guiesely Amateur Dramatics

10–17 Feb / ‘South Pacific’ / Make-up and Wig Trainee




The Royal Armouries

Aug / ‘1940’s Make-up Weekend’, ‘Halloween Make-up Weekend’ /

Make-up and Wig Trainee


The Royal Shakespeare Company

Aug / ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ / Wardrobe & Costume Assistant


Yeadon Amateur Dramatics

May / “Beauty and the Beast” / Make-up Assistant / HOD Carol Bradley

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